Evaluating Wall Stations and Mobile Carts

Are you deciding between a computer wall mount station or a technology cart for your healthcare station?

Over the last five years, the implementation of information technology in healthcare has grown rapidly. Hospitals are in an electronic medical record (EMR) buying frenzy, but there is often confusion over which system arrangements provide the most optimal work processes.

Computers located at the point of care have the potential to allow medical professionals to complete their electronic-based charting work at the patient's bedside. If computers are not properly integrated into the point of care spaces, they can have a negative impact on communication with patients and workflow.

Humanscale offers a variety of products that can be properly installed and integrated in your healthcare workspace while maintaining the important triangle of care - the interaction formed between the caregiver, data and the patient.


Modern ergonomic technology cart designs offer a compact space with no peripheral tools such as a swing-out mouse platform or work surface to impede movement or require an additional adjustment to use. When a user walks up to the cart, all tools are automatically available and immediately ready to use, thus improving efficiency of care. Mobile technology carts support caregivers' highly mobile workflow because they integrate technology at the point of care.

A computer mounted on a wall station allows the caregiver to sit or stand beside the patient while using it. This option also allows the patient to view the screen while the caregiver explains their health and needs. By mounting the computer, it can extend, articulate, and move to the patient, rather than forcing the patient to move to the equipment.

View our range of ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations or TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts and create the best solution for you.

Still can't decide? Download our white paper Carts, Wall Mounts or Both? Exploring the Best Criteria when Implementing EMR Equipment