Healthcare Ergonomics Design Consulting

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Consulting Overview

Our team of ergonomists works to identify workflow challenges and create solutions that not only improve staff performance and patient safety but also promote comfort and reduces the risk of injury. By partnering with architects and designers, we also ensure that at a facility level, ergonomic guidelines are incorporated in the design of the project.

Design Consulting

Workflow Analysis

Using evidence-based methods, Humanscale observes, identifies, and analyzes current workflow challenges. Together we create strategies that improve patient safety and staff performance while promoting comfort and reducing risk of injury.

Healthcare Design Consulting

Humanscale partners with your team of architects and designers to incorporate ergonomic principles into the design of the facility, to significantly enhance both the caregiver and patient experience.

Post Deployment Training Sessions

Healthcare providers invest significant resources in technology and equipment, yet rarely provide sufficient training to caregivers. Humanscale's post-deployment training teaches caregivers how to maximize their health, comfort, and performance when using point of care technology.

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